About Us


We are a team of data researchers focusing on structured settlement leads. 

After years of being in the leads business, the questions we received were valid and often the same:

  • How many companies are buying the same data?
  • How old are your leads?
  • How valid is the information provided?

Because of this, we decided to create a portal where structured settlement companies and brokers can have the option to purchase different types of leads based on their individual needs.

Our Leads

We offer high quality structured settlement leads. 

All leads are court researched from people who attempted or completed a structured settlement transaction through the court system or from online Google marketing.

We also have access to pull and gather never sold leads.

Through our company (service) you have the ability to browse several lists of leads available for upload to any CRM. 

Send us an E-mail for more information info@primeannuityleads.com

We have the domain name JGWentworthCash.com for sale.


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